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Be, Great.

Plus helps its clients to focus on the best and most effective way to get their messages across to who matters most:  their audience. Our advice focuses on ASSERTIVENESS.


With our programs - which act as knowledge accelerators by the proximity to reality - we achieve ASSERTIVENESS which is so lacking in the business world.


Focusing on coaching for communication, we use the best tools (media training, public speaking, crisis training, etc) so that our clients learn to tell their 'stories' and to be heard. And of course: remembered!



“Being shy can be overcome, you just need training.” 

Simon Wajntraub

Plus Training
At Plus we train exceptionally good spokespersons, ones that are heard and are memorable!
Our programs are knowledge accelerators.
The practice our trainees are exposed to is the key for knowledge to be quickly apprehended and applied.



Plus Media Training
Media Training

Camera, light, action and do not panic. To know captivating the journalist and facing light or micro are fundamental to amplify your message. Plus helps you to eliminate sources of noise and stress so that you can be heard  when interviewed!


Public Speaking
Crisis Training

When faced with potentially negative impact situations for companies, the message you convey is decisive! “How to proceed?”, “What to say?”, “When?” and “How?”, are questions we address in order to minimize damage.

We work on form and content, emotion and reason, voice and posture so that, at the right moment, you can better express yourself and make a memorable impression.

Public Speaking
Plus Crisis Training
Plus Development
Besides the Training area, at Plus we promote professional and personal development. Get to know the areas we develop.


Plus Comunication Coaching

Diagnosis of development needs for better implementation of the training plan, which may be Be focused on the individual  or focused on the organization (team work/ departments/ intervention areas).


With coaching as a base model, we work leadership, self-confidence, among other development variables; review of performance towards Opportunities/Risks, Engagement teams, among others, to increase the company's potential.


Knowing who we are is the starting point to define our personal and professional goals. 

Who am I? Which 'mark' do I want to leave in the management of my company or department? How I want to be perceived?

Plus functions as a support to Personal Brand development, helping the route planning to achieve previously set goals. It is also responsible for the evaluation by giving feedback and feedforward. 

The support tool is personal development.

Personal Branding
Plus Personal Branding
Plus People
Who we are

Managing Partner of Plus, a company focused on Training (Media Training and Public Speaking) and Development (Personal Branding and Personal/Team Development).


Live&Tell Partner – Remarkable Events.


Experience in Institutional Communication, Crisis Management and Brand Communication, as Executive Director at Lift Consulting, from where she left in 2011.


Media Advice to candidates for political positions.


Spokesperson and coach in the fields of Crisis Management and Communication.


Degree in Public Relations and Advertising by INP and a Post-graduation in Social and Political Marketing at ISCTE/INDEG.

Cláudia Nogueira

Managing Partner

Who we are



“Exposure to the professionalism of a good journalist and the risks and dangers of not being prepared.”

Gilberto Jordan, Non-Executive Administrator, Selecta SGPS​


Excellent. It helped me to reflect and to realize the need of preparing the dialogue with journalists. To have clear ideas and prepare 2/3 sentences.”

Carlos Leite, Entreprise Group Country Manager, HP Portugal​


“To think about ways of  capture the  journalists´ attention: preparation of key messages, interview management."

João Couto, General Director, Microsoft Portugal​


“Trust in the path I have chosen, personally and professionally.”

Lúcia Vasco, Programs Director and Coach AESE​


An approach to reality (stress, content, rules, tips).”

Ana Clara Martines, Corporate Communications DirectorL’Oréal


“An approach to reality.  A possibility to review.”

Ermelinda Pinho, Factory Director, Nestlé


“The identification of the variables and themes that should be considered in a communication process.

José António de Mello, President of the Administration BoardSelecta SGPS


All fundamental feedback for any type of communication situation; crisis situations and beyond.

Rodrigo Pizarro, Country Manager, L’Oréal


I highlight as the main benefit of the program...

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